The parents did not attach much importance to unusual daughter’s behavior, until they noticed that her mental health was getting worse and worse. As a result, at the age of 17, the girl was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Kate feels very hard with her illness, not only symptoms, but also because of the attitude of people who start to look at her in different way after they get known what is she fighting with. The girl blames the stereotypes Hollywood and the media. As the struggle and raise awareness about schizophrenia Kate began to draw her hallucinations.
“In the way I live, it may seems exhausting, but I have my sweet home and am not crying about the abduction of aliens. And am not saying that there are no such people — they are. However, there are people like me who simply prefer the pain part of their time by the closed doors. This range of symptoms of varying severity. Each person’s experience is unique,” finished Kate.

“I draw a lot of my hallucinations, because drawing helps me to cope with them”
“In my hallucinations, I hear voices, different sounds, random noises, and I often see beetles, faces and disembodied eyes”
“The hallucinations I often see beetles, and my depression makes me feel worthless, like I was a fly. These drawings of beetles represent my disease”
“I hope you choke on your cigarette smoke”
“This monster comes out of the vents in my ceiling and makes a clicking noise, or crawling out from my stuff”
“It’s a self-portrait. I looked in the mirror and my eyes looked like this. I drew this”
“I feel a lot of emotions, and hear the voice that says to set fire to everything”
“An example of disembodied eyes that I see. They appear on tops of things, the walls and floor. They move and deform”
“It’s a bird, she sings to me”
“My self-esteem is at the lowest level, and I feel miserable. I always wanted to turn around and become more beautiful”
“Maybe if I steal this beauty, I’ll have my own”
“This is how I sometimes see my eyes, with lots of fuzzy colored circles around”
“Organization, communication, paranoia, depression, anxiety and manage with my emotions is the biggest struggle for me”