Illustrations Where You Decide What’s Real And What’s Not


There’s a deep sense of mystery in the illustrations of Aykut Aydoğdu, a freelance illustrator from Istanbul, Turkey. Firstly it’s his technique. Even when you study his work thoroughly you won’t believe there’s not a single paintbrush involved in the creating of these pieces. Well, there is one, but it’s a digital one! All Aykut’s work is purely digital, drawn or painted with a tablet in Adobe Photoshop.

Second of all there’s mystery in the scenes and people Aykut portrays. Often there’s a sense of surrealism in his work, letting the viewer decide what’s real and what’s not. In his varied portfolio Aykut shows an interest in pop culture as well, creating homages to famous television shows like Breaking Bad, and cult movies like Fight Cluband Lèon. It’s his portrait work that grabs me most though, stunning depictions of people that cross the border of a surreal dreamworld and reality.

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