Another great series by illustrator Mikyung Lee, currently splitting her time between Seoul and Texas. We previously featured her Jazz-inspired series, this one’s a surreal and sensual journey through the desert.

Mikyung Lee is an illustrator who lives partly in Seoul and Texas. In 2016, she received a BFA in Multimedia film and Design from Korea National University of Arts. Her illustrative work is often characterized bold colors, rough textures, and elegant lines. MiKyung Lee recently suggested me to check out her Odyssey series, a personal illustration project showing various body landscapes of a woman and a man who sets out on a wandering and eventful journey on it. Just enjoy the beautiful artworks below.

She had been worked in motion graphic industry and now has had the pleasure of working in illustration for animation, commercials, editorials and a variety of brands.

She loves to explore her work with bold colors, rough textures, and some elegant lines. Her works are cheerful, bright and also has surrealism in a different way. Before starting as a freelancer, Mikyung was involved in the motion graphics industry in Korea. However, she felt there were limitations that would keep her from exploring her full potential. So she decided to take a chance and do what she really love and want even though she knew this would be very challenging.