Incredible drawings of this skillful illustrator are simply amazing with their accuracy in the smallest detail. Each dash in his drawing is not accidental, every little stroke creates this magic drawn by the artist, invented by the artist. We present to your attention the most famous works of Matthias Adolfson – illustrator of children’s books from Sweden.

As you can see, the author does so many small accents, so much that his drawings are difficult to perceive in their entirety. Each element of the image carries information and attracts attention so that one picture can be viewed for a very long time, each time finding there something that was not previously noticed. Interestingly, to create their true masterpiece works, Matias uses only a ballpoint pen and watercolors.

Adolfsson is considered a free artist. He willingly works on illustrations for books and newspaper publications, creates many drawings for children. Combining for himself hobbies and work, the artist released his own book called “Present” (“Present”), in which he created an unusual cartoon world with small Lilliputians, giants and various monsters. Mathias worked with such well-known publications as The New York Times Magazine, The Onion and Spotify.

To follow the successes and new achievements of the artist can be in his blog. Adolfsson regularly updates his creative “collection” of works. The secret of vivid interest in his work is that “in a good blog with drawings you need to write often, and for this, in turn, you need to work hard.” As you yourself could see, all this from the artist-illustrator Matthias turns out very well.