Kirsten Beets Art


Cape-Town-rooted artist Kirsten Beets works predominantly with oil paint on paper. Her main subject is the interaction between humans and nature.

Kirsten Beets Art

The artist infuses observations of people and places, fleeting moments, into physical objects. She lifts their significance to touchstones of remembrance. Beets’ artworks represent the fragmentary illustrations of a shifting memory. They oscillate between the feeling of dry, heat shimmering Cape Town, geometric-shaped swimming pools and the preserved green nature of the suburban and gardens.

Kirsten Beets Art Kirsten Beets Art Kirsten Beets Art Kirsten Beets Art

In her paintings the artist expresses the illusionary spaces that remind of nature but are in fact fully constructed by humans. This play with illusion is substantial for Beet’s works where she comments on the interaction between humans and their environment in a bigger picture. Beets has exhibited both nationally and internationally, including the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the Scuola Internationale di Grafi in Venice, Italy. She also took part in the Cape Town and the Johannesburg Art Fairs.


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