Loneliness And Eternity In The Works Of Peter Doig


At school after the summer holidays, giving everyone a task — write an essay about how and where you spent three Sunny months. Of course, many have reinforced their work colorful drawings based on pleasant memories. But it is unlikely that the children knew that if you develop your talent, find creative approach to the image seen, you can become very famous and rich. For example, such as Peter Doig, whose paintings in 2013 took sixth place in the ranking of most purchased.

zhivopis_piter-dojg_almost-grown-2000 zhivopis_piter-dojg_baked-1990 zhivopis_piter-dojg_camp-forestia-1996 zhivopis_piter-dojg_concrete-cabin-1992 zhivopis_piter-dojg_jetty-1994 zhivopis_piter-dojg_jetty zhivopis_piter-dojg_lunker-1995 zhivopis_piter-dojg_mountain-view zhivopis_piter-dojg_untitled-2011 zhivopis_piter-dojg_window-pane-1993

Peter Doig paints in the style of magical realism. Creating the paintings in this vein, he lifts the curtain to his past, portrayed through the prism of the imagination — because the paintings displayed his memories about certain places. The British artist was born in 1959 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His family moved several times, which allowed Peter to see a lot of places, which in the future influenced his work. One of them was the island of Trinidad, where with his parents he moved in 1961. From 1980 to 1983, the future artist studied at the School of Arts of St. Martin. It was there that he made his first attempts at the development of metaphorical painting. Superstar artist began in 2007. That’s when his painting “White canoe” (White canoe) had acquired a kind of Russian buyer at Sotheby’s for a record 7.5 million £ (11.3 million $).