English artist Matthew Snowden creates amazingly bright and positive pictures. Most of them refer to landscape painting, but there are also sketches in other genres. When you look at them, you can immediately understand that Matthew is working with a palette knife. The choice of the master fell on the rather difficult to use material – acrylic paint. His canvases look very lively and dynamic.

Such a feeling is created due to the fact that he is applying paint in large strokes. Acrylic is more whimsical than oil. It is customary to apply it with a knife, so it is problematic to recreate small details. Inspiration Matthew draws in the nature of the United Kingdom: the natural and majestic beauty of the landscapes of Britain, Ireland and Wales. The artist was born in 1969 in the small town of Haswell. He has a basic course in art school behind him and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. For 20 years now, Matthew has devoted himself entirely to painting. Now Matthew Snowden is rightly considered a recognized master of modern landscapes. His work was highly appreciated by many critics. Most exhibitions of Snowden paintings are held in England and other European countries.