“As a child, I was inspired to create works of art, and more than 18 years ago decided to give up” day work “and give in to my hobby, which was destined to become a full-time artist. At 34, I left a safe life in Texas and stepped In the unknown, going to the south of France.I embraced panic and awareness of some delirium of this venture, but also I felt that if I did not do this, I will regret the rest of my life.Fortunately, I met a lot of support and understanding from my wife And children “.

“My work is inspired by the need to find order and sense in this beautiful disorder, which we call life, I choose images that evoke a sense of balance and harmony in me, and then I move from a technically oriented view to a work of a more meditative, abstract painting, What remains unchanged in all my work is light, it is energy, spirit and power that we do not see, but we sense through emotions, sounds, thoughts, gravity, vibrations. Strange measurement and light is achieved using technology using several layers of transparent oil paint and alkyd resin.I start with the blurred images and with every pass I emphasize the details and contrast in the image, washing the colors and going back to clarifying the details until I get the right balance, – artist Thomas Darnell.

1PeoniesI120x120 zpse89b178b

2PeoniesII120x120 zps58722314

220x160peonies zps910a01a9

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