Collage artist Lola Dupré continues to create mind-boggling manipulations of photographs in her surreal style. The Scotland-based artist cuts images into thousands of shards and arranges them to create her intricate collages. In rearranging the photo fragments, Dupré adds unusual elongations of faces and limbs, multiplies eyes and mouths, and bends bodies in defiance of gravity and anatomy. Her work is often commissioned for magazine editorials—included here are several examples of recent projects.

In a world where little is new or original, and the appropriation of imagery is commonplace, Lola Dupresets herself apart with her arresting, surreal collages. Taking pre-existing imagery from iconic historical and contemporary artists, as well as images of her friends and the people around her, she manipulates and warps familiar canvases to create new, twisted artworks that invoke both memories and new perspectives.

Her work is at once reflective and innovative, combining elements of what we already know and what we can learn to sign post the binary opposition that arises when experience collides with knowledge. Dupre’s work is Kafka-esque in its poignancy; subtly yet unapologeticlly challenging the information we have spent our lives so diligently absorbing. Talking about the nature of contradiction, the significance of imagery in our media hungry society, the existentialist, and David Cameron’s pasty bland face, Dupre gives Dazed Digital an insight into her kaleidoscopic world…

You can see more of the artist’s surreal creations on her website (where originals are for sale), as well as on tumblr and Behance. She also shares her process on Instagram.