Michael is an artist of boundless energy, conscious experience and passion, all of which is reflected in the works he produces.  Michael offers very generous payment options that make purchasing great original art possible.  He personalizes the experience of buying art and works with you to make sure that you get the best experience possible, including hanging and display tips.  You will get more than a painting when you buy from Carini Arts.  Michael shares with you the history and emotion behind the piece, leaving you feeling like you own more than beautiful art, you own its story.  Michael’s work is well known and sought after throughout the art and theatre industry.  His pieces are suitable for both home or business design.  Carini artworks continue to be on display in various locations throughout the county of San Diego.  When you unwrap a Carini to hang, no matter what the size, it takes over a room.  The colors and flow are so striking that you will redesign around the piece.  Attend a Michael Carini art show or contact him for a studio visit.

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