Misty Watercolors by Branislav Marković Umbra


The misty watercolors by Branislav Marković Umbra are simple in composition, but they have some mystery and they breathe peace.

Serbian artist Branislav Marković Umbra actively experiments with watercolor landscapes. Trying on the tip of his brush and naturalistic city landscapes in a dry way, and the hazy types of nature in the technique in a wet way. His work is quite different, including the style decision. This time we will look at his landscapes full of fog and quiet restrained romance.

Born Branislav Markovich in the ancient Serbian town of Sabac on October 24, 1955. Seriously studied painting. In 974 he graduated from an art gymnasium in Tuzla. Then there was the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, under the guidance of Professor Milivoje Unković.

Branislav’s works are in many collections of the country and abroad

In addition to painting, Markovic Umbra is fond of photography. But still, painting is his first. His profession Branislav considers painting, despite the fact that his photographs were repeatedly published in national and international journals.

Currently, he lives and works in the city of Novi Sad.