Michael Wilkinson is one of the few sculptors working with such material as acryl. Acrylic is a transparent material with optical properties similar to the faceted crystal. It has the glamor of crystal and some benefits not available to any other material. Acrylic, like a good magician can fill cold image in heat and light, but he, as a ruthless judge, will reveal the slightest flaws and errors of the sculptor, invisible in the traditional non-transparent way. Therefore, only a dozen sculptors from the global elite run the risk of working with acrylic.
Wilkinson is continuously expanding the artistic possibilities of acrylic and with each new sculpture expresses all of the new aspects of his philosophy. He says: “the Beauty and grandeur of the human spirit inspire me.., they – my spirituality”. Creating a sculpture based on the eternal ideas and passionate feelings, the sculptor communicates with the audience both at the level of the intellect and the emotions. “I want to create a sculpture that will be universal and understood and at the same time deeply personal” – defined as the concept of his work the master himself, who is often called a romantic realist.

Being one of the most famous and prominent contemporary sculptors in the world, Michael Wilkinson by far the most slow of them. He is working on a form within 6-8 months, bringing the body and face of their characters to perfection, inherent in them is so revered by Michelangelo and Rodin.

His work is represented in the most expensive galleries in the world, order them the organizers of all the world’s art show and the most prestigious exhibitions. The sculptures of Michael Wilkinson are installed in the headquarters of the largest banks and companies in the US (“Chase Manhattan Bank”, “shell”, “Warner brothers”). A great admirer of his talent is the richest man in the world bill gates, in which collection of 18 sculptures by Wilkinson. Realizing the uniqueness and enormity of the talent of the sculptor, his works have acquired in their collections of the best museums in the world: the Louvre, the British Museum, the Museum of modern art in new York.