New sculptures that blends antiquity with the modern world by Kansas-based artist Kris Kuksi. The elaborate, three-dimensional compositions crafted from found materials—figurines, model parts, plastic animals, collectibles, craft parts, and jewelry—are teeming with struggle, conflict, faith, sexuality, and power that serve as reminders of human frailty in an age of consumption gone wild. For this exhibition at Mark Moore Gallery, Kuksi creates New Rome, a society rife with allegory consisting of works crafted in a hybrid style of baroque and rococo that deeply examines the human psyche. His works have been compared to religious altarpieces and the surreal compositions of Hieronymus Bosch.

“I get inspired by the industrial world, all the rigidity of machinery, the network of pipes, wires, refineries, etc. Then I join that with an opposite of flowing graceful, harmonious, and pleasing design of the baroque and rococo”.