Modestas Malinauskas is a well-known Lithuanian artist, the paintings created by Modestas are professional and written in oil, they impress and awake the spectator’s imagination.

The artist uses sophisticated and original technique. Draws surreal oil paintings with ships floating in the air, and magic balloons flying around. There live people, huge fish, bridges, magical buildings and celestial apples. His work is full of romance and joy of life.

Modestas Malinauskas spends hundreds of hours smoking a pipe and improving her magical world in her cozy studio. He lives in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas. Modestas likes bright fairy-tale nature, and therefore even the mechanisms or machines in his paintings look, as part of the environment, implausible, but not devoid of their own particular charm.

Artist Modestas Malinauskas lives in Kaunas and in his small but cozy studio there are bright fantasy worlds. His wife, friend, companion – Lina Driziute works side by side and creates “little people”.

Take a look at a selection of Malinauskas’ paintings from the Paveikslai Internet Art Gallery.