Until October 15, 2017, in the gallery of contemporary art The Hole, “RomCom” – the first solo show Alex Gardner in New York.

Alex Gardner – a 28-year-old artist from Los Angeles, who draws large-scale paintings depicting black people on a pastel background. The central theme of Alex’s creativity is the individuality of man. Since Alex unites both African and Japanese nationalities, the search for his identity was always topical for him. He draws characters without a face in various poses, which interact with each other. And according to Alex, by the same token, the viewer has the opportunity to see himself or some of his acquaintances in the picture.

The artist is very fond of the films of Jean-Luc Godard. Alex says that in the films of this director, like in many other French films of the time, everything is depicted in a very picturesque and picturesque way; there is not so important a plot as a reflection of human emotions and the relationship between people. It is about this and his work – about different moments in the relations of people and in life in general. In addition to the movie, Alex inspires European art of the 16th century, communication with other people and simple everyday things.

Alex’s studio is located in the downtown area in the center of Los Angeles and regularly arrives here in the morning from the house, which is located on the coast of Long Beach, to paint in the morning light when the beams of the sunshine in the huge windows of the studio. This is his favorite time for creativity.

The process of writing one painting for an artist is a long, thoughtful and meditative process that can take up to a month.