Justyna Kopania is a modern Polish artist. Her paintings are very interesting in technique, they are very saturated with color, it creates the feeling that this is not a canvas but a whole sea of ​​colors, on the surface of which miraculously beautiful landscapes with forests, fields, cities, and caravels floating in graceful waves appeared.
According to the artist herself, Justina tries to convey the atmosphere in her works and not the realism of the landscape, and looking at her work, it is worth noting that she succeeds.
“Art is my refuge, life, poetry, music. My works reflect the world as I see it, all my feelings, people I meet and love, the nature that I admire, and the things that surround and influence me.
My main inspiration is the main theme of my work. Particularly interesting to me is the psychology of relations, manners, and movement within a person and the world around him.
I give preference to oil painting on large canvases, I write in my studio, sometimes for several hours a day.
The main thing is to convey the atmosphere of the picture, my pieces from memories so that the viewer can also feel and understand them”.



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