Paintings of Palestine by Nabil Anani


Born in Emwas (Palestine) in  1943, Nabil Anani is one of the most prominent Palestinian artists working today. He is considered by many as one of the key founders of the contemporary art movement in the occupied Palestinian territories.

After studying art and photography, he graduated from the Fine Arts Academy at Alexandra University (Egypt) in 1969. He then spent many years teaching arts, and became a key founder of the International Academy of Art in Ramallah. Anani also headed the League of Palestinian Artists in 1998.


Anani is a multi-talented artist, for he is a painter, a ceramicist and a sculptor. He pioneered the use of local media such as leather, henna, natural dyes, Papier-mâché, wood, beads and copper. Over the past four decades, Anani has built an impressive catalogue of outstanding, innovative and unique art.

He is a multi-talented artist – a painter, a ceramicist and a sculptor.