Paintings That Will Drop You Out Of The Reality


We live in an amazingly beautiful world. The beauty of the Land inspired many artists from different eras. Minds of the masters haunted the exquisite grandeur, with which nature gives and takes away life, happy and sad, creates and destroys. Scott Naismith, with great love, praises the beauty of his homeland. Scottish landscapes in his performance makes the audience enthusiastically to gasp and for a few seconds to drop out of reality by studying the paintings.

The artist choose as the tool to create their works spatula. He performs amazing paintings, which you can find only three components: the sky, land and sea. Looking at them, no longer feel the passage of time. These majestic landscapes make us think about the transience of human life and our helplessness before the great power of the universe. Scott Naismith not only sings a hymn to the native land – he wants to transmit to posterity their feelings caused by the richness of colors that nature paints the clouds, sea surface and coastal plants. His paintings literally breathe the salty fresh and warm warm sunsets.

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