The paintings of the Scottish artist Scott Naismith are inspired by the nature of his native country, it can be called the anthem of this picturesque land. Heaven, earth, sea – that’s all, where the artist concentrates his attention – bright strips of color, transmitted with striking realism, despite the obvious schematism of the image. In the arsenal of the landscape painter – brushes of various sizes and palette knives, a special knife for applying colors. All this allows to achieve a special visual effect – the pictures literally breathe life.

Particular attention in the cycle of paintings “Primary Sky” the artist devotes to the image of clouds. Scott Naismith explains that in his latest works he tries to investigate how sunlight refracts depending on whether it’s pinnate light clouds or dark storm clouds. He explains that clouds are essentially visible water in a vapor or frozen state that is in the atmosphere. Accordingly, the clouds refract and reflect light, creating ever-changing lighting. These changes inspire the artist to creative search.

Of course, Scott Naismith is not devoid of romantic thoughts. He, like many, is fascinated by the sky. He emphasizes that, just as the celestial darkness gives way to light, a person can perk up with a spirit of optimism and hope in his heart. Scott Naismith on his own life experience was convinced that man is the creator of his destiny, it is only brave to look to the future. His father managed to overcome cancer, and Scott himself recently married and became the father of two children, all these events give him energy and faith in himself.

Scott Naismith was educated at the College of Art in the Scottish city of Dundee. Now he lives in Glasgow, travels a lot to study the nature of his native land. More pictures of the artist you can find on his personal site.