American maestro Justin Gaffrey is a born artist. But if at the beginning of his creative career he cooked primarily meals in his own restaurant, then for several years now the main dish in the creative kitchen of the certified chef is amazing voluminous pictures. Other artist’s paint, and Justin Geffrey is called “fashion” his works of acrylic paints.

The style and theme of the artist’s creative works do not cause doubts that he studied the example of the Impressionists, in particular, in the paintings of Van Gogh. This is also evidenced by the numerous sunflowers that Justin Geffrey draws with pleasure and in large quantities. However, as much space in his portfolio is occupied by other flowers: poppies, chamomiles, water lilies, lilies, as well as unknown field and forest flowers, lost among the grass, bushes, and trees. By the way, it is in the fields that stretch along the American Highway 30-A that the artist finds inspiration. Here he comes to admire the scenery regardless of the time of year and the weather outside the window.

Author’s manner of the artist surprises and admires many. Working exclusively with acrylic paints, and also helping himself with a brush and palette knife, Justin Geffrey creates his “sculptures from paint”. To do this, he generously deposits the canvas with the material, and then forms from it what he wants to paint on the canvas, adding the paint as necessary. As a result, the pictures turn out to be voluminous, textured, slightly rough and sloppy, but this is their charm and naturalness. In addition, the artist often speaks about unusual paintings in the media, and from those who want to see them personally, visiting one of the exhibitions, which he often arranges in art galleries, there is simply no end.