Korean artist Rim Lee is a true master of hyperrealistic painting. A series of her paintings is called “The Mess of Emotion” and represents images of women whose bodies are covered with a thick layer of acrylic paints. Gradually, from the chaos of movements and forms, sensual visual images are born that reflect the artist’s view of the female worldview.

The work on the project turned out to be rather complicated: Rim Li independently implemented a bold concept. She happened to perform the roles of make-up artist, model, photographer and, of course, the artist. First, the girl had to pose for the camera, and then – to recreate the oil paints images captured by the camera. Each of the stages is rather tiring and requires special skill, but the resulting result fully justifies the efforts spent: in the pictures we see a woman who gave herself completely to her emotions and feelings.
Чувственные гиперреалистические картины от Рим Ли (Rim Lee)Rim Li admits that the sphere of psychic experiences and emotions is of the greatest interest to her. Despite the fact that the living conditions of most of us are different, sometimes we experience the same feelings. The artist is sure that her paintings will become for spectators an impulse to think about the sensual sphere.
Чувственные гиперреалистические картины от Рим Ли (Rim Lee)Чувственные гиперреалистические картины от Рим Ли (Rim Lee)The choice of black and white colors is due to the binary nature of human relationships: we have both similarities and differences. The two-dimensional image, according to Rim Lee, allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves in what is happening and to empathize with the heroine of the paintings. Certainly, a series of drawings “The Mess of Emotion” is a luxurious gift for real aesthetes.

Чувственные гиперреалистические картины от Рим Ли (Rim Lee)