Sincerity and Light in Art Works By Jaime Urquiza


“My career as a professional artist began in 2002 in Bakersfield, California, and I received a degree in online visual arts at the Stratford Career Institute.

I started painting as a kid and went to drawing classes in my hometown Morelia Michoacan, Mexico. The city in which I live now. In the future, I plan to visit many more countries and cities, including all American states, Italy and Florence.

At the moment, I organized 5 exhibitions of my paintings in Mexico and North Carolina, where I lived about 4 years.

It was here that I made my art exposition of my works. I have no inclination to describe my style. I use for painting what’s right for me emotionally. I’m drawing whit passion, love and courage and give it all of myself.

Now I give classes and art conferences, workshops here in Mexico, Morelia and other states.”