“Smile”: Pictures for a Good Mood, Which Will Awaken Bright Memories and Good Feelings


Creativity by Alvydas Sapoka – not just colorful images, but whole frames from the life of any person. Considering his work, the viewer subconsciously looks for similar situations from his own life or  catches himself on the thought that he also once dreamed about it. The artist with his pictures tells about the best, most important, interesting and memorable moments. He skillfully emphasizes those bright memories that most keep in their own heart, not flaunting …

The yard of childhood by Alvydas Sapoka.

Alvydas was born in 1961 in Lithuania, where he lives to this day. For ten years of his creative activity, he organized personal exhibitions of painting and watercolors in Vilnius, Utena, Klaipeda, as well as in Latvia and France. His work is not very different with a special theme, but the work has a peculiar style, worked out and improved by long years of practice.

Windmills by Alvydas Sapoka
Fairy Rain by Alvydas Sapoka.
Quartet by Sapoka.
Spring comes by Alvydas Sapoka.