For today, street art is gaining popularity among artists and connoisseurs of art. Probably everyone knows what street art is. This street art on the walls of different buildings of the city. Such art has a number of advantages. Firstly, you can watch this work of art every day, passing by it. Secondly, it is absolutely free to watch. And, thirdly, street art in some cases makes more sense than any other kind of art.

Street art in most cases, young artists who want to show their creativity, not only visitors to museums or exhibitions, but absolutely all residents of the city.

To such artists belongs the French artist Mantra. He deals with a special kind of street art with the effect of 3D. His works are huge 3D butterflies. They are not just big sizes, these butterflies are just super-realistic. At first glance, it seems that the buildings are huge boxes with a wooden frame in which the collections of these giant butterflies are located.

This optical illusion is achieved through long shadows and thin details, which assume a transparent glass surface and create a convincing depth level. The level of skill of this artist goes off scale. To transfer such an optical illusion is very difficult, however, he succeeded. Butterfly Mantra can be found not only outside the houses, but also inside abandoned buildings.

For today, its collections can be seen in different cities of countries such as Spain, Austria, France and Colombia. In addition to butterflies, Mantra also draws other animals: birds, cats, reptiles, moths, beetles, spiders, etc.

Some critics attribute street art to vandalism. But, nevertheless, most people perceive street art as a wonderful and even useful form of art. Sometimes, huge murals or graffiti on the walls of buildings is a great way to convey some social or political problems of society. And in general, street art is just a new and modern art form that carries a beautiful art.