Sally Deng lives and works in Los Angeles. As a child, she used to play in the back room of her family’s small restaurant. This somehow led her to want to become an artist and she is now doing that full time. Within her art, she experiments with environments by manipulating the perspective and space her figures occupy.

She uses a mixture of mediums to create textures and surfaces that reference the architectural landscape she grew up in. Along with publishing illustrations, she also exhibits work in local galleries and other areas of the United States. Sally is a graduate of Art Center College of Design.

En Education, 2017
Behemoth, 2017
Calming Storm, 2017
Irrevelant, Insignificant, 2017

Realizing that just about anything can be an art tool, she mixes various media including digital into dynamic collages. In early 2016 she completed her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She lives and works in Los Angeles.