The Deepest Parts Of Imagination On Lebo Tladi’s Paintings


I’m Lebo Tladi, and I was born and bred in South Africa. While I was in my 2nd year of studies, I realised that I have a deep unexplained love for drawing and exploring the deepest parts of my imagination. Luckily, I have spent an astronomical amount of hours training my mind to have a fine eye for attention to detail. This has resulted in me producing ingenious hand drawn artworks with significant details and stories that are sure to keep anyone’s mind busy every time you look at the work. 

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In regards to inspiration, I have always been inspired by the human mind, the power of imagination, cultures, and nature. This is evident in my work as I always pedantically capture snippets of what inspires me and blend it together by portraying it in distorted ways which causes the meaning to shift and thus interpretation becomes multifaceted. With a meticulous conceptual approach, I create intense personal moments which are created by means of rules and omissions, lines and patterns, which lure the viewer into a bizarre world portrayed on paper and canvas.

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