Xhxix is a Tokyo-based artist whose digital paintings depict mostly gaunt young men in surreal states of mental anguish or physical injury. His subjects are inspired by niche models, such as Jacob Morton, whose pictures he gathers off the internet.

Few but some of his paintings feature mythical elements, such as Island, featuring a young man surrounded by fish that appear swim on thin air. A play on the popular phrase, it could be interpreted as a projection of ego, or the sad disillusionment of youth. He prefers to leave his work open to interpretation.The depicted boys lips and eyes are rosy and swollen and their skin is made up of numerous shades of color. They seem in some state of depression, trapped in their hurting bodies with their heads tumbling. The images are filled with raw emotion and fragmented nuances.

Xhxix is inspired by his contemporaries in hyper-realistic art, such as Yanni Floros and Audrey Kawasaki, as well as a vast range of fashion and amateur photography.