The Power And Unimaginable Beauty Of The Ocean Waves By Lia Melia


Lia Melia is an artist who uses unusual techniques of creating paintings. Lives and works in Cambridge. Her amazing art belongs to the marinistic genre. The main object here is the waves. Ocean waves, which always fascinated people with their power and beauty, in the pictures of this artist show all their power and unimaginable beauty, which they endowed nature itself.

Leah Melia is known not only for the images themselves and their subjects, but also for special techniques. To create the next work, she applies a paint on a sheet of aluminum or glass. The paint is applied in several layers. After the painting is painted, the sheet with paint is baked at a high temperature in the oven. As a result, the waves get a completely realistic texture. Due to the fact that the paint is applied in several layers, and basically has glass or bright aluminum, a complete feeling is created that the waves are transparent and let light through.

Lia Melia from childhood lived on the ocean coast and knows about the waves all. In her works she uses a very different color palette. Bright strokes and the texture of waves running against each other create a feeling of naturalness. Those who saw these waves with their own eyes will say that these dynamic works are so realistic that if you look closely at them, you can hear the raging noise and roar of the waves.

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