We all know that technology does not stand still, therefore, a technique of creating paintings and sculptures changes every year. However, among the many traditional, modern and historical monuments are sometimes quite original statues that hold a special place in the hearts of viewers because they do not give any standards, and just unusual and unique.

In today’s article we want to introduce you the top 10 most bizarre sculpture on the planet.

  1. Monument To Sigmund Freud

Памятник Зигмунду Фрейду

This unusual monument, authored by David Cherny, is in Prague (Czech Republic). Many believe that thus the sculptor wanted to show people how far the intelligent from the common people. Note that the job is so attractive that all the guests of the capital of the Czech Republic be sure to go see it, because it is a certain landmark in Prague.

2. Illuminated wedding rings “Engagement”

Освещающие обручальные кольца

This work can be called one of the most unusual sights of Vancouver (Canada). Rings are made of aluminium, steel and glass. The interesting thing is that, looking at them, it seems as if they now lose balance and collapse, but in fact, “Engagement rings” sit very tightly on its base, and this symbolize the strength of marriage.

3. Nelson Mandela Memorial

Памятник Нельсону

This unusual monument reminds us of transparent Church under the name of “Reading between the lines”. In contrast, the Nelson monument created from 50 steel columns-plates. By the way, the number of columns chosen not by chance — that so many years have passed since the arrest of Mandela. The image of Nelson is seen only from certain points. If you look from other angles, it would seem that a simple set facing each other of the pillars.

4. Force of Nature

Сила природы

After seeing the horrible devastation caused by a hurricane in Thailand, Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn began to create in the southern United States and around the world a series of sculptures under the symbolic title “Force of nature”. The sculptures represent the fragile but very strong woman, Mother nature, who keeps a handkerchief over the Earth. Such sculptures around the world in just a few, and they are all at a height of about 2.5 meters.

5. De Vaartkapoen

De VaartkapoenThe monument was created in 1985 and is mounted on one of the streets of Brussels (Belgium) near Molenbeek. The author is a Belgian sculptor Tom Frantzen. The original work is reminiscent of the scene from the comic where a young boy suddenly POPs out of the manhole and knocks a policeman down, grabbing his leg.

6. Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat

Неизвестный чиновник

The sculpture, located in Reykjavik (Iceland), created by Icelandic sculptor and artist Magnus Tomasson in 1994. It is called the most ingenious and expressive sculpture in Reykjavik, which is rich in small, but very interesting architectural forms.

7. Headington shark

Хедингтонская акула

At first glance we see the shark, which crashed into a residential building, however the meaning of this work is much deeper than it seems. It was installed in England for the 41st anniversary of the fall of the destructive atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Thus, the author portrayed the shark as a beautiful, but deadly missile.

8. Knotted Gun

Пистолет, завязанный узлом

In memory of the murder of John Lennon in 1980, Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward created this unique sculpture in New York.

9. The Mustangs Of Las Colinas

Мустанги Лас-Колинаса

One of the biggest bands of horses-sculptures in the world is located in Texas (USA). It should be noted that the size of the bronze statue is 1.5 times more than the real Mustangs, although it is impossible to notice, only looking at the photo. By the way, at the feet of the horses have special fountains, which, in turn, imitate the splash of hooves.

10. Traveller sculpture Bruno Catalano


And last one on today’s list sculpture is located in Marseille (France). It’s a whole series of figures that decorate not only the streets of France, but also many world-famous exhibitions.