Illustrator Alice Lin uses watercolor and pigment on rice paper and silk to create intricately detailed worlds. Human and animal figures are enveloped in pastel-toned bursts of swirling flowers, mushrooms, oceans, and rock formations. Despite their storybook-like quality, many of Lin’s works are fairly large, with some spanning more than three feet wide.


Alice Lin was born in 1980. She is a freelance artist living in Beijing, painter, illustrator and 3D Effects Artists.
She started studying calligraphy, Chinese painting and classical poetry when she was a child.
She likes to use the techniques and tools of Chinese painting to express herself. Her style is rich and full of details, integrating watercolor and several Chinese techniques to express a unique, weird and fanciful whimsical.
She also works on 3D art projects, soon to be featured on Creative C.
In an interview with Wow x Wow, Lin describes the intention behind her work: “It’s about exploring the internal and external, about the relationships between the two; self and surroundings; human beings and the world… Our body is a container, connected to the outside world and our breath, blood, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, etc. are the content; through this content we are able to experience life, and we are able to learn about art, the world or ourselves.”

On the surface, the artwork of Alice Lin titillates with its whimsical playfulness and can be greatly appreciated in this regard alone. If we take the time to delve a little deeper however, the returns are infinitely rewarding, as Lin creates profoundly personal imagery which speaks intimately about the human condition. Utilising the ancient painting techniques of her native China in a thoroughly contemporary manner, Lin fosters connections with her cultural history which wield even greater power given that these associations also extend to her subject matter. Infused with a magical surrealism, Lin’s protagonists appear in portraits that are both metaphorical in nature and emotive in intent. Her ambitious scope gives way to rich detail and we are immersed in the wonders of a unique imagination that effortlessly succeeds in jumpstarting our own.

The Beijing-based artist shares her work on Behance, and you can also follow her on Instagram.