Large-scale compositions of Zaria Forman melting ice, floating in the mirror water of icebergs and waves adorned with foam, explore moments of change, turbulence and tranquility. Discuss with her the meditative process of artistic creation and the motivation of her work. “My drawings glorify the beauty of what we soon risk losing,” Zaria says. “I hope that they will serve as recordings of the change of magnificent landscapes.”

Zarina Foreman is an artist who draws inspiration from nature. She travels a lot, and during her travels, she takes pictures and sketches, which then turn into amazing hyperrealistic pictures.

In her work, the artist tries to convey the problem of global climate change. Part of the proceeds from the sale of his incredible paintings Zarina donates to environmental funds and donates to charity.
The main hero of realistic paintings of Dawn is water. The artist is interested in how the element of water can absorb and reflect light in a variety of forms. Hence, there are so many waves, icebergs, snow and many other elements of the water element in her works.

One of the last series of Zarina Forman is called “The pursuit of light” – this is a journey into the world of the island of Greenland. The expedition to Greenland was the dream of Mama Zarya, who prematurely passed away after a serious illness. You can say that Zarina embodied in her incredible paintings my mother’s dream.