25 Tips For A Successful Youtube Art Channel


Have you been planning to start your art channel on the popular social media platform YouTube? Well, that is an exciting thing to do. But that also calls for skills and tactics to take your channel to the next level.

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So we’ll now be discussing several tips for you to help to gain success with your YouTube art channel. Here we go:

  1. Pick and niche and stick with it

Once you have decided to begin with your new channel, remember that you will need to choose a particular niche. Having a specific niche helps in retaining subscribers and viewers. Being passionate about making videos will keep you on your toes to keep uploading new art videos. If you post a video with a different niche, you may happen to lose subscribers soon.

  1. Post only related videos

A little related to the above point, you will need to post videos related to that niche. Furthermore, be focused on the given niche and purpose of your art channel. That will keep you posting the right kinds of videos for the public.

3. Picking the right name for the channel

It holds great importance as the right name lets people get to you quickly. Do not keep tough names or names with numbers. They’ll find it difficult to remember. Instead, you can use your name to name the channel. Or you can also choose something related to art.

 4. Master your skills

Developing skills is, of course, an important thing to do. That is what will keep you going. When you know how to make art, you will also show it to the people. When you have variety and great examples to display, your channel will attract people. They will want to learn something new and will turn up to this channel.

 5. Ensure a good video quality

Engage the audience; the video quality should be kept reasonable. An impressive quality video tends to retain users longer. Low quality will obstruct them from understanding what you aim to show. It will need you to have a good camera too. Further, do not record videos in the vertical mode. You can ensure excellent quality with www.videocreek.com.

 6. Creation of useful content

As said, people come to you to gain knowledge, and it is about art. There are different types of videos available online, of which this is artistic. So in each video, give the users something new to learn every time. That will develop more interest in them to watch those videos. You can also add one or a few points of facts about art to enhance their knowledge.

 7. Current events can also be helpful.

If you know something going on currently concerning art, use it. You can go ahead with the creation of videos linked to current videos. One can even choose to create a tutorial on similar artwork. For example, you can select public holidays as the theme or niche and make some videos. 

 8. Voice-overs better than subtitles

Subtitles will obstruct them from watching the tutorials with concentration. Better to choose voice-overs. Also, keep the voice clear and understandable for the users.

 9. Be conversational and use good intros.

 You should speak as if talking to a friend. It will help in showing your personality and prevent the video from getting boring. Also, use an intro maker to attract the audience from the beginning only.

 10. Keep the right pace.

Ensure the speed of the video is perfect. The too fast or too slow video will create hassles for the users to understand things.

 11. Using clear thumbnails

Keep it descriptive and clear so that people precisely understand what you wish them to know. You may use a clear screenshot or short and descriptive text.

 12. Using tags

Tags are an essential part here. Use relevant ones and use them to let more people find you online.

 13. Do not ask for comments.

More comments mean getting paid more. But to prevent your channel from getting banned, prefer not to ask people for comments.

 14. Use other social media sites.

You can post your videos on other social media sites as well. It will help to spread your work further & it will help you gain more viewers and subscribers.

 15. Collaboration with other artists

Instead of feeling competitive, try to collaborate with other artists. You can choose someone who has a similar niche as yours. You can even each other’s channels to popularize your work.

  1. Don’t spam other channels.

 One should not use other people’s channels to ask the public to subscribe to his/her channel. It seems rude and may make the viewers dislike this act.

 17. Regular uploading helps

 When you upload videos regularly, there are higher chances of getting more subscribers. You can also fix the timings for each day. That will attract people and keep them engaged with your stuff.

 18. Do some interaction with the community.

 Use the comments section to interact with your subscribers, fans, and viewers. That will also help in learning from them. They can tell you some points you used to miss. It can give you more ideas as well.

  1. Some hard work is needed.

 If the task is of interest, you will love to work on it hard. Working hard always gives fruitful results. You can search for more options to bring better videos and spread them more effectively. 

  1. No copyrighted music

 Do not use copyrighted music as that will make you lose your channel. It is an illegal thing and can lead you to immense problems.

 21. Useful video descriptions

 Useful descriptions also earn subscribers as they will find them more valuable and understandable.

  1. Do not join networks.

You may be requested to join networks by some companies, but better remain away. 

  1. Use useful SEO techniques in title and description.

Because most people will be able to find you through research, make use of SEO techniques. These techniques will help you make more reachable titles and descriptions.

  1. Use some playlists

You can group the videos into some logical playlists. That is because YouTube also promotes playlists and single videos.

  1. Lots of video-making

Last but not least, making lots of videos will keep the users engaged. It will let you give lots of content to your users.      

These are some of the techniques useful for art channels on YouTube. There can be many other ways. But your interest in making videos and art are what make colossal significance. Make use of videocreek.com and try applying the above techniques at the same time. That will give you far better results.


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