The building of the old abandoned Mental Health Center in Massachusetts has long been on the demolition list, having existed for more than 9 decades and having accepted tens of thousands of patients with the problematic psyche.

цветы в заброшенной больнице

When in 2003, this unique place with almost a century of history decided to demolish, there were activists who wanted to perpetuate the memory of the building and prevent it from disappearing without a trace. It was made an original decision, to attract the attention of the public with a huge number of flowers, completely filling them with every corner of the old collapsing building.

цветы в заброшенной больнице

To accomplish this task, the artist Anna Shuleit was involved. It seemed that she was instructed to do the impossible, with a three-month period – to breathe life and colors into the ancient building. Let’s see what happened in the end.

Within 4 days the hospital doors were opened and everyone could come and see this riot of flowers and paints.

28 000 цветов в заброшенной больнице

цветы в псих лечебнице