The carpet on the wall is an integral part of the interior of many countries. Often, this attribute of the atmosphere evokes a feeling of comfort and tranquility. And, of course, all our compatriots experience nostalgia and are lost in childhood memories. And all because every self-respecting Soviet citizen was hanging on the wall this colorful friend.

Faig Ahmed – a virtuoso maker of carpets hails from Azerbaijan. With his creativity, he destroys stereotypes and foments a real revolution in the hearts of people.

Have you ever seen a carpet that looks like the dashes of paint on the wall, a strange figure, striving upwards, to the color music that has frozen in a mute dance? No?

Then read and watch! 

Art critics try to bring some intellectual and creative base to the unusual concept of the Baku master.

Some say that in his art he symbolically reflects the social and political processes taking place in the East.

Others argue that the modernization of folk traditions gives impetus to a new spiral of their development.

Still others believe that Ahmed is just experimenting and he himself never knows in advance what will result from mixing geometric shapes, contrasting colors, unusual voluminous figures, as if growing on a plane.

But everyone agrees in one thing: this is real art, which has yet to be appreciated!