Henrietta Harris is a young illustrator from New Zealand. Her unusual style – the distortion of images – makes you take a new look at such a familiar genre of painting as a portrait.

The game with the distortion of reality began 7 years ago, when still unknown Harris graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Oakland University of Technology. “My parents never objected to my painting,” the artist admits.

Portrait, so familiar genre of fine art, Harris has acquired a new sound. The artist offers the viewer “beautiful distortions” – sounds like an oxymoron, but Henrietta’s portraits are really beautiful.

She is often asked a question about what influenced her work, where she draws inspiration from. The artist does not hurry to answer: “Let it remain a mystery,” she says. “First of all, I try to make my works cause people’s feelings. Let everyone see something in them. ”

Henrietta is an artist of the 21st century, digital technologies are not alien to her, but quite often she does without them: gouache and watercolor are Harris’ favorite materials. “I paint every day,” the artist admits. “It’s so simple!”