For the 2018 Jinji Lake Biennale in Suzhou, China, Marc Fornes and his art and architecture studio THEVERYMANY  installed a porous outdoor pavilion crafted from white aluminum. Holes that span the bulbous structure allow light to pour in from each direction, sprinkling the interior with a variegated influx of miniature light beams. The piece is titled Boolean Operator after the search function that determines relationships between statements, concepts, or forms. Its experience is detailed in a statement on THEVERYMANY’s website:

The intricacy of the skin asserts a density: of limbs, of openings, of parts and their connections. You have to let your eyes adjust to the resolution of the experience. Unfocusing your gaze again, the whole scene overwhelms, strikes awe, compels you to move closer, deeper, and through an edgeless space. The doubly-curved surfaces cast no regular shadows, giving little information to the eye to perceive its scale or depth.

The winding nature of the installation encourages play, as the curvature of the outside walls turn inward to form the interior, and vice versa. You can see more projects by the New York City-based studio on their Instagram. (via NOTCOT)