South-Carolina based artist Matt Wilson brings old silverware to life in his bent and welded sculptures of birds and other wildlife. Fastened to pieces of driftwood or mounted to segments of old lumber, the pieces seem to capture the lifelike essence of the robins, owls, and sea creatures they represent despite a minimal number of components.

Wilson says his work is a reflection of the environment he lives in. By working as a resident artist at Detyens Shipyard, he gives a longer life cycle to discarded materials. “The upcycled work I create is a testimony to the belief of conserving and appreciating our resources,” he explains.

Wilson’s flock of sculptures depict various types of birds, ranging from woodland blackbirds, robins, blue jays, and owls, to predatory eagles and ravens sporting intimidating arched wings. While working with metal requires a lot of patience and skill, creating art from recycled metal can take even more resilience and craftsmanship. Completing each upcycled sculpture requires not only waiting for the perfect piece of material, but the know-how to integrate it into the whole. “It’s taken me years to collect all my materials,” claims Wilson, who is continuously developing his skills to create more of his elaborate works.
Wilson has an uncanny ability to let the found objects in his pieces speak for themselves, adapting the natural curvature of spoons and forks into folded wings and long tails. You can explore more of his work on Instagram and in his Etsy shop.