Artists Can Present Their Creativity Through the YouTube Channel With 1340ART Magazine


Since its founding, 1340ART Magazine has been a platform for artists you’ve heard of, and artists you should get to know.

Through our print editions and online presence, we are building a community of artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, and showcasing a diverse collection of styles, influences and processes.

As a team, we at 1340ART are ever evolving, and are always on the lookout for talented upcoming artists. We are interested in providing these artists with a platform to obtain exposure for their work.

As such, we are proud to announce the launch of our latest feature – our 1340ART YouTube channel, where we present artists from all over the world and their work, by means of a short video. In the video, they present themselves with their name, provide a short explanation of what inspires them and of where they see themselves in the future.

Along with this exciting opportunity, we have also developed other features that provide a great platform for global exposure such as our Instagram, blog, 1340Gallery and 1340ART Magazine features.

With these, we aspire to create an exposition of the work of these amazing artists, thereby bringing art to the world!

1340art Magazine proudly presents: Desmone Charles (US) Website:

Instagram: @desmone.luke

Check our blog for more artists:


  1. This magazine is a scam

    Dear curator

    A few days ago I received a disinterested message in one of my Instagram posts.
    In this message, a prestigious international magazine selected me because of my unparalleled pieces of art. So, if I wanted, I had the will and gave my consent for it, I would be presented not only in your instagram account but also very possibly in your magazine, both online and in paper form.
    Obviously, because I received this message, I felt very fortunate and was willing to do whatever was necessary to make my works of art, the small pieces of my soul, have a place in such a prestigious magazine.

    However, now I read another message, this time an email, which tells me that I have been pre-selected to be presented in the paper version of that so prestigious magazine. This, naturally, makes me feel very happy and satisfied with my work, which I strive to improve day by day. However, the magazine’s message does not end here. They want to see more of my works of art, more of my children, children that I have given birth with effort and I have brought and will continue to bring to this world, to fill it with beauty and to heal its wounds. So I was willing to give the photos of my works, my children, the little bits of my soul to the people who run this prestigious international magazine.

    And now, when, with all the illusion of my heart, I am ready to send the photos. You tell me that I have to pay to enter a contest, in which if there is luck and I win, i’ll be selected again and then, my pieces of art, my precious and dear children will be presented to the world. Now the reality is that I do not have that amount of money to waste, and if I had it, I would invest it totally in acquiring material that would allow me to give birth to more works of art.

    So now, dear curator, I ask you directly that if it is true that I and my works, my children deserve to appear in such a prestigious international magazine, please forgive me the payment that can not be made and publish me. If you do not consider that I deserve that honor, please stop playing with my feelings, stop trying to rip me off, asking me for money to pay for a service that I have not asked for and that benefits you and your prestigious international magazine. And also please, stop ripping off other people or trying to rip off other artists that like me, are trying to make this world or at least our own world something better.

    Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.


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