By stretched strings. Three-dimensional sculptures from the series String Mirrors


Hundreds of elastic stretched strings, assembled together, can create amazing and strikingly realistic images: portraits of people, their faces, hands, eyes … This art has long been engaged in the South Korean artist Hong Sung Chul: a talented author creates layered compositions, pulling the strings painted in a special way between the two platforms, and as a result of these operations a three-dimensional image is obtained, which varies depending on the angle at which it is viewed.

A graduate of the California Institute of Arts, Hong Sun Chul considers his art to be a peculiar way of communicating with the public, trying to call the viewer into a dialogue, to involve them in the creative process. Therefore, one of the parts of its exposition provides for the projection onto mirror strings of real people portraits, obtained from the inner-tracking cameras installed in the gallery. It’s almost like peeping because these images look as if they are seen through the blinds on the windows. There is such a feeling, as if watching someone’s life from the side, because of the coals.

A certain intimacy is attached to the exposition and the original sculptures created by the artist: interlocking hands that symbolize human intimacy, eyes – mirrors of the soul, embraces. There is not a single picture here, but it’s not necessary: the viewer must “turn off” his sight, and “watch” feelings, emotions, the Korean artist is sure.