The Canadian, Jean Verville designed an apartment in Montreal, using only white and black colors and creating optical illusions that distort the space. The hosts of the house are a married couple who are fond of modern art, theater and art installations; it is these hobbies of their customers that inspired Verville to develop such an unusual project. Some parts of the apartment are painted completely black, others – white, and where the colors intersect, whole rooms seem to be walls, and walls and ceiling dissolve in monochrome interiors.

“Our architectural and artistic interference in the familiar look of the house blurred the boundaries between the individual rooms, filling them with visual surprises, contrasts, playing with scale and blends that turn the interior into a theatrical performance that requires the direct participation of the apartment owners,” says the architect.

In addition to a nontrivial and successful approach to a combination of contrasting colors, Verville demonstrated the beauty of monochrome interiors by placing a white dining table and chairs in a white dining room and installing a black kitchen set in a black kitchen. The beauty of textures and surfaces is emphasized by LED tube lights: they were placed in the kitchen and bathroom, entirely finished with black tiles and mirrors.