Ota Fine Arts is delighted to present Chen Wei’s solo exhibition Fresh Dewdrop. Based in Beijing, Chen has been developing new photographic expressions as a leading figure from the new generation of artists in China. His works have been well-received globally, characterized with still life painting-like compositions, dazzling lights and allegorical narratives within. October 28, 2017, Ota Fine Arts

Wei Chen
Falls / 瀑布, 2017

Titled Fresh Dewdrop, this is the second show by the artist at Ota Fine Arts Tokyo. Utilizing different motifs from the previous exhibition, Chen turns beauty into forms which he found in his observation of the Chinese society and the people living there. The work which has the same title as the exhibition shows such a scenery where one of the tiles is missing from an old sidewalk. Orange colored paint falls by accident into the shape of the missing tile, appearing like a ray of light or an entrance into the black hole.

Wei Chen
One-Bedroom / 一居室, 2015

This exhibition showcases sculpture works with LED boards in addition to photographs. Waves of light appear on the screen with varying brightness: sometimes weak lights create gradations for a while, and other times strong lights appear as if it brightens up the whole room. This rhythmical change reflects Chen’s high sensitivity for music, and also makes viewers feel as if they resemble heartbeats of a living form.

Wei Chen
Sunset / 落日, 2017

Chen Wei was born in 1980, in Zhejiang Province, China. Currently, he lives and works in Beijing, China.

In his early career, he used to deal with experimental music and later turned to photography. Chen Wei’s photographs are believed to express his inner thoughts and emotions. Most of his works are finished in his studio.

Wei Chen
Coins (A Pair of Nameless Hands) / 硬币(无名之手), 2017

He was one of the artists involved in the exhibition called “A Plus” held by Lane Crawford and Modern Weekly, which aimed to gather together the top fashion designers and artists in China.