WSGN analysts, trend forecasters, and Coloro experts want us to prepare for the future in advance. They have already named 5 key colors for 2021.
Quiet Wave

Experts call this shade of green optimistic and futuristic – it is ideal to set the mood for the beginning of the new decade. Inspiration here is not so much about nature as it is about technology. And its pale, somewhat detached character makes Quiet Wave the ideal helper for mental preparation for physical activity.

A.I Aqua

Color inspired by technology. A recent review of the color tones used on the 10 largest websites in the world showed that blue was ahead of the others. Analysts say that with the advent of 5G, the development of eSports and virtual influencers, our relationship with technology – and colors such as blue, which is widely used in this field – will become more exciting and emotional.

Lemon Sherbet

In recent seasons yellow – previously often considered a risky color – has become increasingly visible in designer collections. Luminous and optimistic, it will appeal to people of different sexes and for different product categories.

Oxy Fire

The extravert color of the season is fiery, saturated, causing a reaction in the viewer. This catchy shade symbolizes activity, reminiscent of the color of red blood cells. It is proposed to be used to “energize” and revive objects and collections.

Good Gray

Neutral grey highlights the brighter colors of the season. It looks stable, reminiscent of the shade that occurs when different materials are processed together. With a medium level of saturation and a light bluish undertone, it simultaneously grounds and soothes, creating a sense of balance.


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