Those who most value the world in order, will certainly appreciate the work of perfectionist artist Adam Hillman. He specializes in laying out a wide variety of subjects, taking photographs of them and, as a result, they receive incredibly bright and fascinating works, which he lays out in his Instagram. And it is worth saying that the fans of his work more than enough.

Adam Hillman  – a professional “orderer” of objects or simply – a visual artist, prone to perfectionism.

He arranges various trinkets in colors and shapes, creating eye-pleasing compositions that will satisfy the visual requirements of any perfectionist!

His account in Instagram is basically a collection of rainbow candy, pencils and notes. Judging by the choice of subjects, we would not be surprised that such a hobby Hillman could appear during office work from nine in the morning to six in the evening. Quite possible!

Everything in the artist’s compositions is incredibly aesthetic and balanced, and there is nothing superfluous, which stands out against the general background. If you liked the color “sets” of Hillman, then take a look at his previous work, which we showed you!