The American artist creates illustrations, which, at first glance, may seem illusions, but they are more than real.

Portraits of Erik Jones surprise with their elegance, all the images in the artist’s works are made in a saturated color scheme.

Eric himself defines his work as an image of a dream that no one would want to lose. All of his paintings, according to Erik, represent the first images that every person sees, waking up after a long sleep. In all the portraits there are elegant bouquets of flowers, made in the form of light brush strokes.

Despite the fact that everyone sees the fulfillment of his own dream in Jones’s paintings, he himself says that they are the fruit of his imagination, which was embodied on paper after much thought and through inspiration. “These pictures exist as much as I exist” – that’s how he defines his work. Today, Jones lives in New York, where he continues to create portraits that have a conceptual design. In his works he tries to preserve the beauty of the portrayed girls.

Futuristic work by Erik Jones has been exhibited many times at New York exhibitions, but the artist himself is calm about this, stating that the most important thing for him is the creative process.