French developer Christian Bourdais decided in practice to check how house designs can look if they give the architectural studios complete freedom of action. For his project “Solo Houses” he attracted 15 architectural studios so that they created original houses for rest on 50 hectares of reserved land near Barcelona. As a result, each architectural bureau tried to express itself as creatively as possible, which can be easily seen from the visualizations of projects. It is difficult to choose the most unusual idea, but still, attracts the attention of the building in the form of an inverted pyramid from Takei Nabeshima Architects.

Architectural office Takei Nabeshima Architects is from Tokyo. It is headed at once by two talented architects – Makoto Takei and Chi Nabeshima. For their project, they chose a form of pyramid unusual for residential space. To create three full floors and to place a pool on the roof, the pyramid had to be turned over. This solution not only added originality to the project but also allowed to rationally place the house on the hillside.

At first, the pool was in an independent structure similar to the pyramid of the house, but later the designers transferred it to the roof for the convenience of the guests. The main space on the first floor is the dining room with a large dining table. Effectively look mezzanines on the sides. The house has three bedrooms with a beautiful view of the slope. The form is so unusual that it is difficult to imagine it as applied to an ordinary residential building, but, as a holiday home, it has the right to exist.

Some projects from the series of houses “Solo Houses” have already been implemented so that the inverted pyramid also has every chance of becoming a reality. Judging by the fact that the network now and then there are more recent visualizations of the project, now it is working hard on its embodiment. It’s nice that architects have a unique opportunity to show their talent and show incredible opportunities for the development of the shape of houses.