The creativity of the modern artist Dino Tomic is well known to readers of the UsaARTnewS. He creates drawings using the most seemingly inappropriate materials for this. Recently, the master presented a new series of works done with salt. Giant snow-white drawings on a black canvas look excellent!

For the creative process, Dino Tomik uses ordinary large kitchen salt. It’s amazing how he manages to “paint” details with such “naughty” material, but the result is realistic. To enhance the effect, the author makes two photographs: the first captures the original version of the picture, the second image – the negative, the change of black and white accents looks impressive.

Dino has a special art education, for several years he set himself a difficult task: he painted daily in any genre. Paints, pencils, pastels, tattoos – Dino boldly experimented, honing his skills. The artist dreamed of achieving meaningful results by the age of 26 and gaining fame on the web, he believes he was able to succeed. Today he has more than 100 thousand subscribers in popular social networks Facebook, Instagram, etc.