The artist James Lake uses cardboard as a raw material for sculptures that he has been doing for the past 20 years.

Video By Rajapack

Artists use different materials to express themselves. In the course are paint, clay, gypsum, plasticine or bronze, but cardboard boxes are usually used to transport work. And sculptor James Lake from recycled cardboard creates large-scale 3D sculptural figures.

The English sculptor combines several layers of cardboard, suitable for re-use, and with the help of hot glue glues pieces of material. Detailing of the image is created by the method of cutting pieces from cardboard, and then cutting and attaching all the smaller layers of cardboard to achieve a full-fledged image.

As a painter with physical disabilities, James had to find a way through which he could physically build a large-scale sculpture using available materials and techniques. He collects the sculpture in parts, and then combines the finished pieces together.

The artist continues to open up new and new opportunities for versatile material. The only problem is the lack of time for work because it takes a lot of effort. Currently, the artist conducts art seminars in his community and seeks to popularize the methods of his work in local schools and colleges.

“I needed a medium that can be used without an art studio,” says Lake. “I manipulate the cardboard, and it takes on a form that far exceeds its original function.”
And what he does, really cool.