Architecture and layout mag eVolo specializes in the present day format based totally mostly on technological advances of the twenty-first century. In view that 2006 they have run an annual Skyscraper competition, inviting architects from around the world to unharness their table and create the skyscrapers of the destiny.

One in all 444 initiatives obtained become the large Sequoia Skyscraper by means of a collection of South Korean architects, which gained an honorable point out. The architectural concept plays at the idea of guy’s non-stop desire to overtake nature, as manifested in deforestation. The collective attempts to discover balance and concord with its skyscraper and decided on the fantastic sequoia tree as their vessel.

Noting that modernization has chipped away at the lifespan of sequoias, the concept takes advantage of the empty trunks of these dying giants. The man made structure replaces that which has been lost, providing a living space for humans. “It then becomes active as an artificial organ to replace the trunks rotten away. Only occupied in the void is the minimal gesture necessary for human occupation,” the architects write. “The project attempts to educate visitors about these natural wonders while feeling infinitely small among these giant creatures of 100 meters in height and of 27 centuries of history.”

This conceptual skyscraper lives inside the dying shell of a giant sequoia tree.