The origin of life in a cage is a fascinating sight. Almost every person has seen documentary shootings, fixing the moment, when life processes are included in the cell and the mechanism of division begins.

Artist Jiyong Lee, subdued by the mystery of this process, created a conceptual series of sculptures from colored and tinted glass called “Segmentation”. Sculptures are distinguished by the simplicity of geometric shapes and clearly structured internal space. In its essence, this is a conceptual artistic representation of the molecular structure of cells and embryos. Sculptures of the series “Segmentation” the artist created 6 years (from 2008 to 2014). The works are devoted to the philosophy of eternity: cell division is life, this is development, this is a process that will never stop!

To enhance the effect, the artist uses a combination of transparent and translucent glass, investing in them a deep philosophical sense and trying to link in one single taken object the duality, complexity, and simplicity of the science that studies the known and unknown about life processes. Jiyong Li uses the technique of cold glass processing – this is a labor-intensive process of cutting, grinding, laminating and carving, requiring thoroughness and attention.

Jiyong is a native of South Korea. In the late nineties he graduated from Hongik University in Seoul, the Department of Ceramic Products Design, and then received his pedagogical education. Since 2005, he has been active in teaching in the USA (in New York, at the Pilchuck Glass School, as well as in Pittsburgh), in France, Australia and Ireland. Teaching career Lee actively combines with his own creative projects.

Currently, the artist lives and works in the city of Carbondale, Illinois.