Someone collects stamps and boasts of a unique collection of exclusive specimens. Someone is fond of collecting weapons, ancient books, icons, ornaments … And the Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira collects wood and cities in cities and countries: wood sections of different types of wood. No, he is not a mad collector. He – the author of large-scale installations of wood, which you will not see anywhere else.

Enrique Oliveira was born in Orinhos, Brazil, and started his unusual creativity there, collecting olive wood on the streets of São Paulo, and creating unimaginable designs from the finest sections of it. Everyone knows that each tree has a unique pattern of “age rings”, and if you make a skilful slice, you can get a real picture, for the creation of which you do not need paint, no brushes, or any other tools for drawing.

Over time, the artist became a little olive tree, and he began to taste the “taste” of other tree species, from the most common to the most exotic. Not only do they have a unique pattern on the cut – they also have very original, natural, “real” colors, so those installations that make Enrique do not need additional coloring. Nature took care of this.